Our village offers you a unique opportunity to choose the best education for your children. There are three international and two local schools within a walk away. Such proximity will allow your children to benefit from a high-quality education and spending quality time with their families. Your children will not be isolated from their mother tongue but will benefit from the multi-lingual culture of their peers from different countries.

International school «Exupery»
The school uses the most modern and progressive techniques, such as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics), and project-based learning which allows to develop social and leadership skills, and critical and creative thinking.
The kindergarten accepts children from the age of 1.5 to 6 years.
The unique curriculum offers teaching in three languages at the same time, including French and English.
Starting from 2019, there is also a summer school “IT & SCIENCE” with intensive and entertaining programme.

British school King's College
The curriculum is in accordance with the British system, the gold standard in education.
Its aim is to help develop creative and open-minded individuals.
High school follows the curriculum of A-levels, which allows to get accepted into universities in different countries.
The kindergarten is open for children from the age of two.

American school «International School of Latvia»
Having been open for 25 years, the school now has 400 students from 36 countries.
ISL is accredited by Council of International Schools (Netherlands) and New England Association of Schools and Colleges (USA).
ISL also offers International Baccalaureate certificates for pupils of all ages. IB certificate are recognised by universities all around the world.
Pre-school is available from the age of three.

Babite state school
The school is in the top-five of Latvian municipal schools.
The programme is taught in Latvian.
There is a good sports complex with a swimming pool, sports halls and a skate ramp.
The teachers actively implement new educational techniques.
Those residents in our village who want their children to integrate into the new country as quickly as possible, choose this school.

Babite Music school
You can choose from 12 musical instruments: piano, guitar, accordion, violin, harp, flute and others.
The school forms a single complex together with the library and the cultural centre.
Residents of our village have priority during the admission process.

Besides those in the international schools, there is a state kindergarten Saimīte and a private Vinnijs.
Both accept children from the age of 1.5 years.


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