from € 230 000                             
from €1100 / month

2-storey house Type A

For Sale -2 houses

To Rent - 2 houses

For Investment - 4 houses

from €280 000                             
from € 1400 / month

2-storey house Type B

For Sale -0 houses

To Rent - 0 houses

For Investment -0 houses

from € 290 000
from € 1500 / month

2-storey house Type B+

For Sale - 0 houses

To Rent - 0 houses

For Investment - 3 houses

from € 290 000                            
from € 1500 / month

2-storey house Type C

For Sale -0 houses

To Rent - 0 houses

For Investment - 2 houses

from € 300 000                            
from € 1500 / month

2-storey house Type C+

For Sale -0 houses

To Rent - 0 houses

For Investment - 3 house

from € 350 000

2-storey house Type E

For Sale -0 house

To Rent - 0 houses

For Investment - 1 houses


- each house has a terrace and a back yard
- the house price includes a parking space and a carport
- there are several finished houses with kitchen, bathrooms and home appliances
- some back yards can be enlarged by buying additional ground
- when renting, we allow our clients to select the necessary furniture


Our houses are built according to an elaborate project designed by the German architectural bureau.
At the beginning of construction, we carried out a complete replacement of the ground to a depth of two meters with a special sand-gravel mixture to ensure a solid foundation. We also increased the area of ​​houses, making them more convenient for families with children of different ages.
Our houses are detached houses and differ from traditional terrace houses by the lack of a shared wall between neighbouring houses.
Each house has its own separate wall with full thermal and acoustic insulation and an air gap between neighbouring houses.


Excellent thermal insulation
The walls are made of autoclaved aerated concrete with a thickness of 250 mm + external insulation made of hard mineral wool 150 mm thick with durable decorative plaster. The foundation and the ground floor are insulated with 100 mm thick polystyrene foam plates. The roof is insulated a 200 mm layer of mineral. The windows have a warm 5-chamber profile. Houses stay warm in winter and they are not hot in summer, there is almost for air conditioners.


Efficient gas boilers
House heating and water heating are generated by fully-automated high-quality German boilers. Gas comes from a centralized network. The high-efficiency boilers provide our residents with not only comfort in any weather, but also low utility bills. The automatic control unit is connected to the outdoor temperature sensor and sets the most appropriate boiler operation mode.


Roof drain de-icing system
We have a de-icing system installed on the roofs and inside the drainpipes, which heats the drains when the temperature fluctuates around 0 degrees. Therefore, ice and icicles never form in the pipes and on the roof. A smart automation unit shuts down the system when necessary, so the power consumption remains low.


Fireplace installation
The houses provide for a quick easy installation of a fireplace if needed. All houses are equipped with a special outlet for the chimney. In some houses, high-quality chimneys made of heat-resistant ceramics have already been installed. This allows you to install a fireplace in full compliance with fire safety standards and save on installation work costs.


Garden watering system
For the convenience of watering plants and caring for the garden, we have put water pipes through to the front and the back of the house which end with non-freezing taps. You can connect to them an automatic watering system for the back garden or use them to wash the front of the house or the facade.


We have improved the design of the carports and now you will not only spend less time cleaning the car from snow, but also be able to use the attached storage unit for bicycles, garden tools, firewood for the fireplace and other household needs.


High speed internet and satellite TV
During the construction, fibre optic cable from Tet, the largest telecommunications service provider in Latvia, was installed. Internet connection with the speed of up to 400 Mbps and digital television are available. The houses also have satellite cable and dish outlets on the roof already installed.


Project  "BaltaVillage" by SIA "LatDevelopment"

Company address : Sloku iela 15, Pinki, Babites nov., Latvia, LV-2107 
Business register number 40103646546