Home is a place when you feel good. Back in 2010, I bought a house here for the purpose of a summer house. But I ended up coming here not just in the summer, but also in autumn, winter, and spring. And each time it was getting harder to go baсk to Moscow.

One time I came to Latvia for the weekend and was supposed to go back Sunday night, but I didn't want to leave so changed the return flight for Monday, and then for Tuesday. I remember calling my friend Andrew (we came here together) and telling him «Hey, mate! I've changed the return flight ticket. I'm coming back on Tuesday not Sunday» And his reply was «Was just about to call you. I've changed mine to Tuesday as well» 

To cut the long story short, I moved here from Moscow in 2012. By the way, Andrew did the same thing. And then the same did a high school friend, a uni friend, and an ex work colleague. It's a bit hard to explain, but you just feel better here! You wake up in a good mood, spend much less time running the chores since everything is pretty close. And it's much easier to run business here than in Russian. 

Moreover, it's great for all sorts of sport. You can do cycling, roller skating, swimming, basketball, volleyball in the summer; skiing in winter (there's a great well-lit trail for cross-country skiing 20 minutes away, and downhill skiing is available 40 minutes away by car). I travel a lot as well and it's much more convenient to do it from here than from Moscow. And every time, no matter where you've come back from, you feel like you've come back home.


We moved here from Canada around two years ago. I've got a work contract here in the aircraft industry. We've got two school-age kids so it was crucial for us to live close to a school with the curriculum that's compatible with the one in Canada.

Modern comfortable housing, several international schools nearby, quiet residential streets and and the convenient location between Riga and Latvia made our choice quite easy.

So what do we like to do around here? We love sunbathing on the terrace, gardening in our back yard and having neighbours over for a BBQ. During the weekends, the kids spend most of their time outside hanging out with their friends all over the village. Our son suddenly took a fancy to hockey and now regularly attends a hockey club five minutes away on foot. And our daughter takes ballet classes in one of the local schools.

Sometimes my wife and daughter crave something a bit more sophisticated and drive to Riga to see some plays and performances for kids. By the way, it's great that all the stuff for kids, like theatre and movies, is always shown in Latvian and Russian. We also go to the seaside in the summer, of course, where we spend our days either on the beach or in one of the seaside cafes.

Sometimes we also go around Latvia to see some stuff – Lilac Garden, Rhododendron Garden, Knight Tournaments, Munchhausen Museum, old castles, a trail in the swamps, a barefoot trail in an nature reserve. Daddy perhaps would've loved to stay home and just lie on the terrace, but no one's gonna let him! There's definitely no room for boredom here!

Alex and Elena

We've moved here from Minsk. I do IT systems implementation for various businesses and mostly work from home. So why have we moved here?
It was mostly an emotional decision. I wanted to run in the Riga marathon, which is why we came to Riga for the first time and instantly fell in love with this city. Accidentally, we found out that it's possible to get a residence permit here through buying a property and thought we'd give it a go!

We looked at quite a few properties before settling on this village. It has satisfied all our wishes: get some personal space by living in a detached house, but at the same time have a community around us. Then we got two dogs and now walk for miles with the around local fields and forests.

We like the fact that we live in a quite picturesque place close to nature and far from hoards of tourists, and at the same time can very easily get to Riga with all the big city entertainment it has to offer. Or take a short drive to Jurmala and there you have it – sea, breeze, pines and sand dunes – and for a while you are a person without a worry in the world.

We also don't feel secluded or shunned from the world, as it often happens when one moves to a different country. It's mostly due to the fact that most of the population speaks or at least understands Russian, and worst-case you can get away with simple English. In addition to all of this, we got really lucky with our neighbours. They are people who've made something out of their lives but have none of the snobbery or arrogance about it. Which is why, most nights we lit the fireplace, crack open a bottle of wine and have them over for a relaxed conversation about everything and nothing.

Vladimir and Oksana

We're a mixed Russian-French family of three, mom, dad and a four-year-old. We've been lived in Latvia for four years and moved houses quite a lot, lived a few boroughs of Riga but ended up moving here. At first, we were just renting, but two years later decided to buy the house.

Before going through with the purchase, we spent a long time making sure that it satisfies our criteria: child safety (lack of heavy car traffic), good playgrounds closeby, beautiful and well-kept landscapes, all the necessary infrastructure (kinder garden, bike trails, grocery shops, recycling containers).

A great advantage of the location is that Riga, the seaside and the airport are all very close. Or and by the way, it takes us 5 minutes to get to work on a scooter, since we work in one of the local schools.

When it's warm enough, we love to go on the beautiful bike trail that goes to Jurmala and then just chill on the beach drinking fresh-squeezed juice.

We think that everything is very well thought-through in our village, especially for families with kids. We've got a very friendly international atmosphere here! We, as well as our kids, love chatting and generally spending time with our neighbours! 

If we had to highlight the most important stuff, it's the good balance between a country life and all the city amenities, and comfort and safety.  

Nicola and Vera

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We are from Latvia and decided to retire here. We love the nature and the environment around here, the ability to cycle and walk our little cute dog in a well-maintained place. We love walking down to a little pond where our Julie tries to hunt the ducks and we're just chilling on a bench.

And we've got some pretty cool neighbours too! It is very important because we can always help each other out if something happens, and you've always got someone to share a cake with over some gossip. We always congratulate each other on, or even spend together, holidays and anniversaries, dog-sit if necessary, or look after the garden if someone goes on holiday. It's great when you have people around you whom you can trust!

We've got a small back yard with a terrace where I enjoy having my coffee in the morning. I do landscape design for a living and spend a lot of time with myclients, so unfortunately don;t always have the timeor the strength to look after my own garden. However, roses are my weakness, and they always make me feel relaxed and rejuvenated; and I think they love me as well since they grow out to be breath-takingly beautiful!

Vladimir and Inna 

We're from St.Petersbourg and have moved to Latvia on the basis of the Resident Permit scheme. We took making the decision on where to buy a house very seriously, and have seen maybe a couple of dozen different villages and houses around Riga.

Our priority was to find a country house with a small back yard in an area were one could enjoy peaceful evening walks and also have all the amenities nearby. Even though this doesn't seem like a big ask, we struggled to find something suitable, because oftentimes it would either be a stand-alone house far from everything and everyone, or one among houses of all possible styles and designs, where there is no concept to it, and lack of entertainment for kids. Now we enjoy our quiet and peaceful surroundings and complete safety of our kids.

When we were first considering moving to Latvia, we found out that our costs, both personal and business-related, would be much lower, since there are a lot of opportunities for inexpensive entertainment, and labour costs are somewhat lower as well.

A short while after we moved here, we’ve got to appreciate the quiet and leisurely way of life, which allows you to achieve a peace of mind, often unattainable in Russia.

We like the house and landscape design in our village. Yes, the prices may be a bit on a higher end, but it is outweighed by the range of very nice and approachable residents.

There is another bonus here – you can have as much of Spanish jamon, Italian burrata, fresh oysters and fantastic cheap Prosecco as you want…

Alexander, Marina and Lisa

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