Jurmala is 30 kilometres stretch of sandy beaches, snow-white dunes, festivals and summer houses. People come here for some peace and quiet. You can look at the pines, walk barefoot on the sand, bask in the sun and ride a bike along the edge of the coast. In the evenings, it is always good to go to the sea to watch the sunset.

In the fall, the resort town turns into a place-to-be for lovers of a relaxed holiday: there are fewer tourists and the climate is largely the same. There are plenty of reasons to come to Jurmalaany time of year - to look at the raging sea, to find tiny pieces of amber on the shore, to slow down and eat delicious food. The close proximity to the sea resort opens up unlimited prospects for your leisure time.

In addition to beach holidays and all sorts of water-based for children and adults, there are often various festivals, concerts and other culture events. And if you suddenly want some privacy and romance, treat yourself and your other half to a candlelit dinner in one of the coastal restaurants.

It only takes ten minutes by car to get from our village to the centre of Jurmala or the beach.


Dzintari Concert Hall
The cultural centre of Jurmala that hosts many concerts, festivals and performances of any genre throughout the year. Natural and architectural gem on the Baltic Sea. The complex includes an elegant 1930s-style concert hall for 500 seats, a restaurant, a chamber hall, as well as an excellent summer concert hall for 2100 seats and the surrounding garden by the sea.


Jomas street
The main pedestrian street of Jurmala, where you can just go for a stroll or sit in one of the many restaurantsor cafes: have a coffee coffee with an exquisite dessert in a cosy pastry shop, try dishes from almost all cuisines of the world or enjoy ice cream and fresh fruit. There are also souvenir shops with interesting handmade trinkets and local delicacies, so you definitely won't leave empty-handed. Make sure to pop into the modern shopping centre Corso with shops, SPA-salon, a restaurant with a panoramic terrace and a small cinema. In the summer, Jomas Street often hosts concerts, performances and contests.


Sandy beaches, snow-white dunes and pines
Over the 30-km long beach you can find a place for any kind of recreation. Some spots are boiling with active life, equipped areas equipped for beach sports; in others people slowly sip cocktails in a cafe and watch the rivalry of gulls and crows on the beach. There are quiet areas where you can walk your dogs and listen to the rustle of the waves. If you want to learn windsurfing or kiteboarding, go to the coast in Pupuri. Or simply enjoy the views of the beautiful sunsets, sitting on the terrace with a glass in your hand ...


Dzintari Forest Park
Not far from the Dzintari concert hall, there is a park with a lot of active recreational activities both for adults and children of different ages. There is a “Tarzan park” with five obstacle tracks of different difficulty levels, a watchtower, a roller-skating track, children's playgrounds and a skate park. From the 36-meter high tower you can see the tops of the pines and the sea, and on the horizon you can see the silhouettes of the Riga suburbs. There are also convenient parking and cafes to refresh after an active day.


Fisherman’s Museum and Ragakapa Nature Park
Away from the cluster of tourists is a beautiful place - the natural park of Ragakapa. It houses a small, but interesting fisherman's museum, where you can feel the spirit of the time when ten fishing villages had not yet merged into the modern Jurmala and an occasional tourist on these shores was quite exotic. Here you can learn how to tie ropes, stay in fishermen’s homes, and climb onto the deck of fishing boats. Then you can walk along the wooden footbridges in the dunes and reach the mouth of the Lielupe River, which flows into the Gulf of Riga.


Kemeri Nature Reserve
If you go a bit past Jurmala, you will get to the nature reserve Kemeri. You can walk on wooden walkways across a picturesque swamp and enjoy the view of nature from the watchtower. Watch the birds oaround the Kanieris and Slokas lakes, take a ride on the Green Dune cycle route and enjoy smoked fish from the Ragaciems market. After driving a little further, you can get into the complex "Barefoot Path", where you literally come into contact with nature.


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