We have residents from many different countries: Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Norway, the UK, the USA, France, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Kazakhstan. We have residents of many different occupations: business owners, top-managers, diplomats, IT specialists, teachers, journalists and artists.

Every time we meet new neighbours, we always ask them why they have picked this place in Latvia. And most of the time we hear the same response – well-maintained territory, safety and multiculturalism.

Some have decided to move here because of the relatively easy process of getting a European residence permit. Some wanted to leave the city life for nature, but of a 'managed' kind, where they wouldn't have to think how to fix a boiler, mow acres of lawn, where to find the stamina to maintain a huge garden or clear snow in the mornings. Here they are able to find what they have been looking for – their own house, a sun-lit terrace, a small garden and a full range of maintenance services.

Many families have moved here because of their kids. Mother take their strollers down the beautiful pathways in the park or in the forest, or take their toddlers to the playgrounds or to feed ducks and horses. Older kids can study in one of the three international schools nearby. To the envy of their peers, they can sleep in in the mornings since it only takes them five minutes to get to school on their bikes or scooters. After school, they all hang around in the streets, cycling, roller skating, or kite flying. And their parent don’t have to worry because there is no busy traffic, and the village is big enough so that kids can always find how to entertain themselves and will not wander off.

What are other perks of living in a multilingual environment? Of course it's the fact that you can easily learn a foreign language. The only thing you need to do is to bring a home-made pie or a bottle of wine over to your neighbour and voila! you have already turned into a Frenchman or an Englishman! Children, who didn't speak a word of English before, in a year are able to easily study in English. And how interesting can it be to sit down in the evening and listen to all the stories about the life in a different country! These chats would often last past midnight!
We love getting to know our new neighbours. We always approach them ourselves to strike up a light conversation and invite them over for tea. You fell never feel lonely or forgotten. We will tell you everything about the local mode of life, cafes and restaurants, theatres and interesting places, as well as show you where to find a bargain.

And of course you won't be surprised to hear that it is heaven here for your four-legged friends. Every morning you will see a pair of eyes filled with excitement and curiosity as to where will you go for a walk today. There is a lot to choose from – to frolic in the forest, to run across a field, to swim in a lake, or to just walk along the houses and bark at neighbours’ dogs. And of course the favourite, go to a wild beach in Jurmala away from the tourist crowds and just run along the edge of the sea splashing the salt water in all directions and turning your dog face to the sun and the wind.

Have we forgotten to tell you about anything else? Probably. Just come and visit us, get to meet the neighbours, we promise you – you will love it!


Project  "BaltaVillage" by SIA "LatDevelopment"

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